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Screenplay Consultation from a Hollywood Insider
"ScriptGal's notes were really smart... Basically she nailed everything in the script that I need to address and had some good suggestions on how to do it."  
- Jeff L.  Check out ScriptGal's thread at Done Deal Pro

Why ScriptGal? 

With more than fifteen years of Hollywood experience, Amanda a.k.a.ScriptGal is the one-stop solution for all of your screenplay needs. Whatever form your work is in, treatment, partial draft, completed draft, or final rewrite, ScriptGal provides a no-nonsense evaluation of your project. 

ScriptGal's philosophy is that she is part of your creative team; she succeeds by helping you succeed.  ScriptGal always offers personalized suggestions and detailed examples to help you realize your project's full potential.

You've worked this hard - you owe it to yourself and your script to get a professional insider evaluation before sending it out into the marketplace. 

"ScriptGal's notes are thorough and insightful, but what really sets her apart are that her suggestions lead not just to a better screenplay, but to a more commercially viable screenplay."  
- Marc Moss, Screenwriter:  I, Alex Cross 2012, Along Came a Spider 2001 

Creative Services

ScriptGal can write professional studio coverage of your script - suitable for submission to agents and managers.  ScriptGal's development notes offer in-depth analysis of your script including a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses, notes on character, structure, storyline, dialogue, tone, theme, formatting tips - whatever your script needs.  

Whether you've written an action thriller, the next big horror franchise, a period drama or romantic comedy - ScriptGal will provide clear concise steps to make your screenplay great.
"ScriptGal gets it right.  Comprehensive coverage with clear, to-the-point, invaluable notes." 
- John Luessenhop, Writer-Director: Takers 2010; Director: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, 2012 

Who is ScriptGal? 

Amanda, has over fifteen years of Hollywood experience acquiring screenplays, books, articles, and working with writers to develop these properties into feature films and television projects. ScriptGal worked as a Creative Executive at many of the major Hollywood Studios - Walt Disney Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, Paramount Pictures - and she has helped Academy Award-winning writers, major producers, and established directors bring box-office blockbusters and award-winning projects to both the big and small screens. ScriptGal has read and evaluated thousands of scripts and done notes on hundreds of projects, many of which went on to be produced. ScriptGal has production credits on several feature films.   

"ScriptGal's notes on character and structure are terrific.  A real pro and a pleasure to deal with."               - Mitchell Kapner, Screenwriter: Oz the Great and Powerful 2013, The Whole Nine Yards 2000 

Marketing Services

When your script is ready for the big leagues, ScriptGal can also supply a strategy for approaching the marketplace.  She can suggest managers, agents, production companies and even actors to approach.  She can offer guidance on query letters, marketing, social media, and other tools. 


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