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The latest feedback for ScriptGal

"Well worth the wait. Many many MANY thanks, Amanda. You have crystalized and articulated exactly what's wrong with this... Your suggestions are a big help."
- Rich W.

This was a new one for me. A working pro sent me a script under a pseudonym. This is what he had to say:

"I'm a pro writer/producer/director who's been lucky enough to do this for fifteen yers. I got in a conversation with some other writers about analysts, and figured I'd see what all the fuss was about.  I sent Amanda my new spec.  The most impressive part of her notes was the criticism: it synched up perfectly with notes I was getting from the producer I'm working with.  She's got a great, smart eye.  I never tell anyone they have to use a consultant, but if you're curious what a pro reader/developer with a lot of experience thinks of your script, you can't do better than Amanda."
- J.

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"Thank you so much for these notes.  They are excellent and extremely insightful!"
- Richard C. 

"Your critical analysis, while tough for a writer to receive, pinpointed weaknesses in the story and character issues I had entirely overlooked. You should know that the suggestions you provided have prompted new ideas that I have used in the current draft. When I first contacted you about your services I thought the goal would be to make my story better.  I was quite suprised to see that you also strive to make us better writers too! Thanks." 
- Jeff A.

"Just want to thank you for the great proofing job you did once again. Really thorough. You do catch everything. Makes a big difference. THANKS."
- Curt B. 

"Your notes and comments are absolutely spot on.  Thank you SO much!!! They are extremely helpful."
- Michael Katleman, Director; Executive Producer - Rizolli & Isles

"Amanda provided coverage on my latest script, with a grid, synopsis, and several pages of notes.  She clearly read the script very thoroughly and had some excellent suggestions on the plot and characters, as well as feedback on the script's strong and week points as far as marketability. I will definitely be adding her to my "go-to" list of paid readers for future projects."  
- Patrick S. 

"Your writing style is dyno. You hit a big home run... very gritty, slick and powerful." 
- Ben R. (marketing services client)

"ScriptGal was thorough without being nit-picky; tough without being mean-spirited. Instead of merely diagnosing problems, she tossed out enough suggestions to get me thinking about new directions to go."  
- Adam F. 

"ScriptGal's notes are thoughtful and thorough and come with helpful suggestions that are obvioulsy born from years of industry experience."   
- Warren C.

"Wow!!! These notes are brilliant - some of the best I have ever gotten. You are very good at this, ScriptGal. To be honest, it's going to be fun to put these suggestions into action."     
- J.S.  

"Your notes are really helpful. And they will make a much stronger script."
-Eric B.  

"ScriptGal's notes clearly articulated what worked, what didn’t work, and what was missing in the script. She clearly has a vast film knowledge and her notes were incredibly helpful to the writers and producers both." 
 - Erik Olsen, Executive Producer: The Book of Eli, The Reaping; Co-Producer:       Orphan. LBI Entertainment

"ScriptGal doesn't simply write screenplay analysis. She has a fine ability to communicate with the writer, explain problems and suggest solutions... and beyond all that, to help determine the best course of action for the finished product." 
- Marc Moss, Screenwriter: I, Alex Cross 2013, Along Came a Spider 2001

"ScriptGal's notes on character and structure are terrific.  She's a real pro and a pleasure to deal with." 
- Mitchell Kapner, Screenwriter: Oz the Great and Powerful 2013, The Whole    Nine Yards 2000 

"ScriptGal's notes and analyses are respectful yet challenging and always helpful." 
- Grant Hill, Producer: Titanic 1997, Matrix II 2003, Matrix III 2003, Speed      Racer 2008, Tree of Life 2011 

"Amanda, a.k.a. ScriptGal, has an amazing story sense.  Her notes are excellent in terms of pacing, character and plot.  Great feedback given in a clear and often witty manner.  My clients thank me when they get her notes."      
- John Tomko, Manager/Producer, Rain Management Group